General Classic Blend

General Classic Blend

Category: Specials, Large Portion, White Portion

Brand: General

Manufacturer: Swedish Match

A totally new Snus in a revolutionary packaging. This Snus launched on 20.06 by Swedish Match in the US comes in a rectangular box. Classic Blend is a well-balanced tobacco mixture with notes of caramel, exotic fruits and herbs. Introductory Offer!

Only for Sale to the US!

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  • 10 Cans $ 34.54 Save 11%
  • 1 Can $ 3.88
  • Nicotine: ~7 mg / Pouch
  • Content: 15 Pouches
  • Tobacco: 13.5 g
  • Strength: medium
  • Style: White Portion
  • Flavour: tobacco
  • Characteristic: mild
  • Moisture: medium

Declaration of contents

Water, approx. 50%, Tobacco, Table salt, approx. 3,5%, Propylene glycol, Sodium and Magnesium Carbonate, Acesulfame K, Natural and Artificial flavors