General Mint Mini Portion

General Mint Mini Portion

Category: Top 10 Portion, Specials, Mini Portion

Brand: General

Manufacturer: Swedish Match

Snus with the refreshing taste of icy peppermint.

This product will soon be back on stock. The manufacturer faces some production issues at the moment.

  • Nicotine: ~4 mg / Pouch
  • Content: 20 Pouches
  • Tobacco: 6 g
  • Strength: mild
  • Style: White Mini Portion
  • Flavour: mint
  • Characteristic: fresh
  • Moisture: very dry

Declaration of contents

General Dry Mint 6gr snus: Tobacco, Water (approx.25%), Flavor enhancer (sodium chloride). Acidity regulator, (E 500), Flavor substances.