The Lab 12 Mint Strong Slim White

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Categories: Swedish Snus, Slim Portion, Large Portion, White Portion, The LaB, Swedish Match

The Lab 12 Mint Strong Slim White Portion Snus has a strong tobacco taste with a fresh mint flavor. White portions for low drip!
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Additional Info
Category Swedish Snus, Slim Portion, Large Portion, White Portion
Brand The LaB
Manufacturer Swedish Match
Nicotine Content ~14 mg / g
Content 24 Pouches
Taste profile Fresh
Flavor Note leather, oak, peppermint, tobacco, vanilla
Strength Strong
GuyInUSA January 17, 2020
Not sure if it's normal for this brand or what, BUT, as soon as I opened the first can, something smelled off. I took a good sniff and it smelled old. Like it had been sitting around for years. Not to mention, it tasted old. To me, it smelled like dirty laundry and yes, even tasted like it too. No tobacco flavor and no mint flavor. Needless to say, I wasted my money and I will be be throwing all 10 cans out and NEVER ordering this brand again!
Van November 21, 2019
I ordered a roll of 10 of these and I instantly regret my decision. These portions are very dry and flavorless. In fact mine say slim white dry with xylitiol. Maybe I'll be able to give some cans away.

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