G.3 Strong Super Slim White

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Categories: Swedish Snus, Slim Portion, Large Portion, White Portion, General, Swedish Match

G.3 Strong Super Slim White Portion Snus provides a smooth and spicy tobacco flavor along with dried fruits, green gras and sweet hints of chocolate and vanilla.

The portions come in thin and long pouches with a dry surface for a lower drip. Plus, the relatively high moisture content of 46% guarantees a long lasting taste experience.

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Additional Info
Category Swedish Snus, Slim Portion, Large Portion, White Portion
Brand General
Manufacturer Swedish Match
Nicotine Content ~18 mg / g
Content 30 Pouches
Taste profile Classic, Sweet
Flavor Note dry fruit, tobacco, vanilla
Strength Extra Strong
Nesar February 29, 2020
Tried this product and loved it. It has a amazing vanilla custard kind of flavour to it, and absolutely worth trying. The super slim portions are just perfect for everyday use, and it's nicotine strength is slightly on the stronger side. I would definately prefer this over other mini or slim snus in the market. Mysnus provide excellent support n service, and it took around 10 days to reach mumbai
Cameron January 1, 2020
Personal favorite. I really like the Super Slim Portion size. Small enough that it's unnoticeable, yet big enough to stay put (most mini portions seem to slide down easily). Wish they would make more snus in this form factor. The strength is good for its size, most smaller portions don't have much of a kick.
David June 16, 2019
Perfect size for front upper lip. Great long lasting taste. This is my favorite snus
Eric March 19, 2019
For those that need to be entirely discreet! This is an analog snus to my usual XRANGE General Slim Strong White Portion. The XRANGE slim portion is fine for daily use, but still produces a small bulge in the lip. The super slim portions are slightly longer, slightly narrower, and slightly thinner than the standard slim portion. It virtually disappears in the lip, but still provides a nice delivery of nicotine and flavor.

I keep a handful of cans of this G.3 super slim around for times when I want to use snus, but to do so entirely discreetly. Great for photos, business meetings, etc. I still prefer the substantial feeling of a slim portion in the lip, but the super slim portions are just as good. I hope Swedish Match keeps this format around.

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