General Original Portion

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General Original Portion Snus is the Swedish Classic! A traditional and elegant Snus with a spicy tobacco flavor along with notes of bergamot and hints of tea, hay and leather.

The pouches are moist on the surface for a quick and strong flavour release.

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Additional Info
Category Large Portion, Original Portion
Brand General
Manufacturer Swedish Match
Nicotine Content ~8.5 mg / g
Content 24 Pouches
Taste profile Classic
Flavor Note bergamot, hay, leather, tea, tobacco
Strength Classic
Kevin March 10, 2020
Personally my favorite original portion
Sean January 21, 2020
Love this snus. Nothing so far comes close, really. Love the smell and the taste. The bergamot really combines well with the tobacco blend.
Sean January 15, 2020
Classic General flavor. Strong bergamot, little salt and peppery. Nice strong drip as well. Love it!
Mark January 27, 2015
Very good. A little salty but nice flavor.
Christian January 31, 2014
This is the classic snus. Anyone who has used the American version of Camel Snus (frosted, mellow, etc.) might take a little while to get used to the taste.

But General Snus has salty, citric notes combined with other subtle flavors. I found it to be my absolute favorite after trying several kinds of other snus.
Joseph March 23, 2013
Popped a portion at a beach in Mexico, beautiful experience! I passed this tradition on to my Mexican friends as well
Joseph w March 23, 2013
This stuff gets me through chemistry class. I like the strong salty notes
Martin June 20, 2012
Ok, but not good....
Fredrik April 26, 2011
This is one of the best!
Dzintars April 1, 2011

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