LYFT Tropic Breeze Slim All White Portion

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Categories: Nicotine Pouches, Swedish Snus, Slim Portion, Tobacco Free Snus, LYFT, British American Tobacco

A summer in a can! The tobacco free LYFT Tropic Breeze Slim and its all white nicotine pouches deliver a tropic flavor that incorporate delicious hints of mandarin, mango and passion fruit. This fruity explosion of flavor is enhanced by a pleasant and medium strong nicotine kick (8 mg/g). The innovative and high quality plant fiber mix used for these discreet pouches ensures that they won’t stain your teeth while it also minimizes the drip, which in turn lengthens the release of both flavor and nicotine.
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  • 1 Can $ 5.39
Additional Info
Category Nicotine Pouches, Swedish Snus, Slim Portion, Tobacco Free Snus
Brand LYFT
Manufacturer British American Tobacco
Nicotine Content ~8 mg / g
Content 24 Pouches
Taste profile Fruity
Flavor Note tropical fruit
Strength Classic

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