Nordic Spirit Elderflower Slim All White Portion

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Nordic Spirit Elderflower Slim All White delivers a fresh and summery flavor of elderflower topped with hints of citrus. This refreshing burst of flavor is closely followed by a satisfyingly strong nicotine kick (14 mg/g). Its tobacco free nicotine pouches uses a plant fiber filling that comes with some nifty qualities. It ensures that these pouches won't stain your teeth, it makes them fit softly under your lip while it also reduces the drip, something that lengthens the release of both flavor and nicotine.
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Additional Info
Category Nicotine Pouches, Swedish Snus, Slim Portion, Tobacco Free Snus
Brand Nordic Spirit
Manufacturer JTI
Nicotine Content ~14 mg / g
Content 20 Pouches
Taste profile Fruity
Flavor Note elderflower
Strength Strong
Greg June 4, 2020
If you enjoy the taste of Elderflower, you really will enjoy this pouch. I've tried most nicotine pouches; none compare to Nordic Spirit. It has just the right amount of sweetness and the flavor stays consistent. As the other flavors, I get 25 to 40 minutes; I average about 30 minutes. The nicotine level is really 9mg and doesn't overwhelm me. Great aftertaste. My favorite though, is Berry Citrus - nothing like it.

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