Oden's Pure Wintergreen Extreme Portion

Categories: Swedish Snus, Large Portion, Original Portion, Ultra Strong, Oden's, GN Tobacco

This is an extremely strong (22 mg nicotine/g) original portion snus that delivers a flavor combination of robust and spicy tobacco topped with crisp wintergreen. Oden’s Pure Wintergreen Extreme Portion is designed and optimized to provide an instant release of both its fresh flavor and stimulating nicotine.

This product will soon be back on stock. The manufacturer faces some production issues at the moment.

Additional Info
Category Swedish Snus, Large Portion, Original Portion, Ultra Strong
Brand Oden's
Manufacturer GN Tobacco
Nicotine Content ~22 mg / g
Content 22 Pouches
Taste profile Fresh
Flavor Note tobacco, wintergreen
Strength Ultra Strong

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