Offroad Original Portion

Categories: Large Portion, Original Portion, Offroad, V2 Tobacco

Portion Snus with a fresh traditional tobacco flavor and hints of lemon and bergamot.

This product will soon be back on stock. The manufacturer faces some production issues at the moment.

Additional Info
Category Large Portion, Original Portion
Brand Offroad
Manufacturer V2 Tobacco
Nicotine Content ~8 mg / g
Content 20 Pouches
Taste profile Classic
Flavor Note tobacco, bergamot, lemon
Strength Classic
Pieter September 28, 2017
Great taste and strong enough one portion lasts me the whole day. And that is a full 10 hour shift. I work undergrond and this realy works for me. I have to add i am i very heavy smoker i kill about 30 plus odd cigarettes in 10 hours and it works for me. Best product i have tried .
Justin January 10, 2016
I usually don't review snus, but this one was so bad I had to review it. It was cheap and I usually like plain tobacco snus ,so I bought 20 cans of it. I didn't want to waste it so I started mixing in cans of mint snus to kill some of the bad flavor. I don't know if it was a bad batch of the snus or what but it was terrible. It was almost like it spoiled or something. I would buy mustang instead if you are looking for a cheap good tasting snus.

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