on! Mint 2 All White Portion

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Categories: Nicotine Pouches, Swedish Snus, Mini Portion, on!, Burger Söhne

Experience a refreshing and icy burst of mint in the most discreet way possible with on! Mint 2 Nicotine Pouches. These tobacco free and all white mini nicotine pouches has a low and mild nicotine content (2 mg/portion), which in turn gives the minty flavor plenty of room to really stand out. The innovative cellulose powder used as filling both minimizes the drip and ensures that these pouches won’t stain your teeth.
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Additional Info
Category Nicotine Pouches, Swedish Snus, Mini Portion
Brand on!
Manufacturer Burger Söhne
Nicotine Content ~2 mg / Pouch
Content 20 Pouches
Taste profile Fresh
Flavor Note mint
Strength Classic

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