Puck Spearing Refill Bag 5 Cans

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Puck Spearing Refill Bag 5 Cans – A big-pack of Puck Spearing Extra Strong. It contains 100 white dry snus portions that deliver extra strong nicotine kicks (23 mg/g) together with an ice-cold flavor of Swiss menthol and spearmint. This bag contains the same number of portions as 5 regular cans while using less plastic, making it a perfect choice for the environment conscious snus user. It has a practical zip-lock that keeps the portions fresh and ready to be enjoyed.

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Additional Info
Category Swedish Snus, Brands, Manufacturers, Accessories
Brand PUCK
Manufacturer The SnusFactory
Nicotine Content ~23 mg / g
Content 100 Pouches
Taste profile Fresh
Flavor Note spearmint
Strength Extra Strong

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