Thunder Frosted Mini Portion

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Categories: Mini Portion, Original Mini Portion, Thunder, V2 Tobacco

Strong quality Snus with an intense and refreshing flavor.

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Additional Info
Category Mini Portion, Original Mini Portion
Brand Thunder
Manufacturer V2 Tobacco
Nicotine Content ~16 mg / g
Content 20 Pouches
Flavor Note spearmint
Taste profile Fresh
miller July 9, 2015
touch of mint with a powerful nic hit for a mini!
Bradley December 7, 2013
This is a decent snus and has a nice strong mint flavor easy in the lip and is very small but strong. My only complaint is the drip level is high for snus I had to spit more often than I would like but still I liked it and would buy it again.
Jonathon September 16, 2010
This snus is truly a small portion yet powerful snus with long lasting flavor of Mint or peppermint. I love it and always is satisfying.

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