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A mellow and spicy tobacco taste with distinct notes of citrus and bergamot, along with hints of tea. XRANGE is a new snus series consisting of five products with well-known flavours from the Swedish Match brand collection. Thanks to a new technology the portions are long lasting with minimal drip.
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Additional Info
Category Swedish Snus, Slim Portion, Large Portion, White Portion
Brand General
Manufacturer Swedish Match
Nicotine Content ~13.5 mg / g
Content 21 Pouches
Taste profile Classic
Flavor Note bergamot, citrus, tea, tobacco
Strength Strong
Jagtar May 12, 2018
Kaldur March 15, 2018
One of my favorites. So pure taste, smells so good. Very strong hit but also gentle for your lip.
Jose December 4, 2017
Eric November 26, 2017
Great strong snus! No complaints. Very reminiscent of the original General snus flavor, but less peppery and more herbal. Ever since the long format was introduced 3 or 4 years ago, I've been using it exclusively. I switched to white portions with this snus last year for the prolonged release (longer lasting) and this snus hits every mark. Strong, tastes good and subtle, and lasts plenty long. If you like the standard General flavor, you'll like this.
Mike July 10, 2017
Awesome snus. I converted several buddies from American dip or snus to Swedish snus after trying this. This has quite a bold taste with (exactly as described above) the taste of Early Grey tea. Great price too. You definitely won't regret buying it.
Matthew March 20, 2017
My favorite tobacco flavored snus. Tastes just like a cup of Earl Grey tea. Highly recommend
hjf July 8, 2016
hjf July 8, 2016
Good Snus

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