YOYO Mix 5-pack

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YOYO Mix 5-pack, a bundle of tobacco free, all-white and slim nicotine pouches by Nordic Noir.

YOYO Mumbai: Gin & tonic flavored nicotine pouches that deliver pleasantly strong nicotine kicks (6 mg/g).

YOYO Havana Mojito: Mojito flavored nicotine pouches that combine a fresh mint-lime flavor with medium strong nicotine kicks (9 mg/g).

YOYO New York Mint: It delivers strong nicotine kicks (15 mg/g) together with an ice-cold mint flavor!

YOYO Stockholm Licorice Mint: These nicotine pouches delivers a fresh and tasty mint-licorice flavor together with extra strong and powerful nicotine kicks (20 mg/g).

YOYO London Lime Strawberry Mint: Strong nicotine pouches (12 mg/g) that deliver a fruity and refreshing flavor of strawberries and lime topped with a dash of cool mint.

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Category Nicotine Pouches
Brand YOYO
Manufacturer Nordic Noir

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