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Our business of selling smokeless tobacco and Swedish Snus is based on a long experience of over 15 years now. MySnus.com was formerly operated by Swedish Match under the URL www.SwedishSnus.com. In 2012, the domain was changed to mysnus.com, and since then the product range has been constantly extended. Today, we are proud to offer you products from various well-known manufacturers, such as Swedish MatchSkruf SnusV2 Tobacco and many others. At mysnus.com, you can order a vast variety of Loose Snus and Portion Snus. We carry the biggest brands, like General, EttanGrovGöteborgs RapéCATCHSkruf,Thunder and many others, and continuously add new Snus brands. Check out our broad Snus portfolio

The overarching key principles guiding our organization and business are focused on sustainable customer satisfaction by providing high quality products at highest service standards. We are committed to continuously optimize and innovate our products and services through close collaboration with our customers, suppliers and employees.

The Snus we sell is fresh from the factory and is stored in chillers in our warehouse to guarantee you a satisfactory product. We ship worldwide, certain exception due to regulations may apply. Our product range aims to satisfy everyone who likes Swedish Snus, no matter where she or he lives. Shop conveniently at mysnus.com and benefit from our experience in worldwide shipments.

For all those who are new to Snus, you may want to explore our website beginning with the section What is Snus? to discover what Snus is about and how it is manufactured, continue with Snus formats & sizes, and get to know more about how to use Snus.

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