Snus types and portion sizes


Different type of Snus and Chewing Bags

Chewing Bags and Swedish snus are available in different types of portions: Original Portions, White Portion and White Dry Portions. Each type of portion differs a bit from the next and they have their unique qualities and advantages.

Original Portions

Original Portions contain moist tobacco blends and they have humidified surfaces. This combined moisture ensures an instant and powerful release of both flavor and nicotine.

White Portions

White Portions contain, just as original portions, moist tobacco blends but their surfaces are somewhat dry. This in turn gives them their distinct, lighter and almost white appearance. The advantage of white portions is that they drip less than original portions, something that results in a longer lasting release of both flavor and nicotine.

White Dry Portions

White Dry Portions are, as the name suggest, a drier version of white portions. Both when it comes to their tobacco blends and their surfaces. These qualities make them designed to drip minimally, which in turn maximizes the longevity of their nicotine- and flavor release.

And what about Nicotine Pouches?

Nicotine Pouches are already quite dry thanks to the nature of their natural plant fiber filling. This type of filling also gives them their all-white characters (the exception being Faro Nicotine Pouches, who use fillings that are made of tea leaves). This all-white character eliminates any potential risk of them leaving stains on your teeth and saliva, making them to a more discreet choice.

The different sizes of the portions

The portions of Chewing Bags and Nicotine Pouches are available in different sizes. The size dimensions are not a uniform standard, a regular portion from one manufacturer may be categorized as large by another. But it gives you a pretty good estimate on how big and well filled the portion is going to be.

The feel of the portions may also differ depending on how well filled the portions are which can vary from brand to brand. Some portions use portion materials that are perforated, some are little bit softer while some are thinner and some thicker. You have to try them to see which one suits you the best!


The chewing bags and Nicotine Pouches with the size regular or large are well-filled, which means that they contain more filling per portions compared to slim and mini sized ones (usually around 1g per portion).


Slim or Super Slim portions are narrow and oblong, making them designed to offer a discreet and comfortable fit. Even though they contain less filling that regular sized portions, they are available in all kinds of strengths.


Mini portions are the smallest ones and therefore the most discreet. They are so discreet that you would barely even notice having one under your lip if it wasn’t for its satisfying release of flavor and nicotine.