GRANT Nicotine Pouches – Tobacco free snus with a big selection of flavors

Looking for a tobacco free snus experience with a lot of options? Meet GRANT Nicotine Pouches — the epitome of discretion and satisfaction. Dive into a world of high-quality, tobacco-free nicotine pouches with an impressive selection of tasty flavors.

What Makes GRANT Stand Out?

GRANT is a brand that offers pure enjoyment with its discreet nicotine pouches, refreshing flavors and stimulating nicotine kicks. Each nicopod is meticulously crafted to offer a refreshing burst of flavor in a clean and discreet manner, all thanks to their natural plant fiber fillings and all-white characters. Say goodbye to the mess and stains that often accompany traditional tobacco snus.

Unlock a Flavorsome Universe:

GRANT caters to diverse taste preferences, offering an array of enticing flavors. Grant Ice Cool Slim. Grant Wild Berry Slim, Grant Orange Slim, Grant Hemp Slim, Grant Mint Slim and more. With such a wide selection, you're sure to find your perfect match.

Your Strength, Your Way:

Experience nicotine satisfaction tailored to your preferences. GRANT Nicotine Pouches come in different strengths, ranging from a moderate 9 mg nicotine/g all the way up to a staggering 35 mg nicotine/g. These pouches are designed for both a satisfying release of nicotine and flavor while minimizing any unwanted drip. Plus, the plant fiber filling ensures that these slim sized nicotine pouches remain all-white at all times, preventing any potential risk of them leaving stains on your teeth.

Get more nicotine pouches for your buck:

GRANT Nicotine Pouches are a game-changer. They're tobacco-free, drip-minimized, and boast a remarkable 27 pouches per can. This impressive quantity sets GRANT above the rest, giving you a real bang for your buck.

Minimal drip for a long-lasting experience:

GRANT's nicotine pouches feature a natural plant fiber filling, leaving your teeth unstained and the drip kept to a minimum. Indulge in an extended nicotine and flavor release, stretching your enjoyment to the fullest for up to 45 minutes.

Ready to Get Your GRANT Fix?

Take the plunge and embrace the world of GRANT Nicotine Pouches. We offer direct sales, ensuring a seamless partnership with small businesses and personal users alike. Get your GRANT Tobacco Free Snus for a low and affordable price right here at!

Discover a world of all-white snus excellence, Choose GRANT:

Unleash a symphony of flavors and nicotine satisfaction with GRANT Nicotine Pouches. Elevate your experience and satisfy your nicotine cravings in a convenient, discreet and tantalizing way. Buy GRANT Nicotine Pouches online and embark on a journey of pure delight.

Say YES to discretion. Say YES to satisfaction. Say YES to GRANT Nicotine Pouches.

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