Chainsaw Snus – Ultra Strong Snus by Swedish Match

If it’s raw power and intense mint flavors you’re after, then Chainsaw Snus from the manufacturer Swedish Match has exactly what you need! It’s a high-quality snus brand with low-drip White Dry portions, ultra-strong kicks and a cool spearmint-peppermint flavor.

Snus for the bold

Chainsaw Snus is a high-octane, adrenaline-fueled and energy packed brand of snus made for those who want to take their nicotine experience to the next level! The combination of its ultra-strong nicotine kicks and ice-cold mint flavors makes the snus from Chainsaw deliver an intense and incredibly refreshing snus experience. 

Back again after popular demand

If you have been in the snus game for some time you might have noticed that Chainsaw Snus was missing for a while, but now it’s finally back again. This time with some fine tuning to its recipe making it even better. It all started when Chainsaw was first introduced as Chewing Bags back in 2018 by V2 Tobacco. An EU-exclusive product that became an instant hit and it didn’t take long before it also was available as a Swedish snus. It was also around that time when Swedish Match bought V2 Tobacco and took over the production of Chainsaw snus. A while ago Chainsaw Snus was put on a temporary hiatus, but now it has finally made its highly anticipated comeback. This time around with a higher nicotine content and even cooler flavors.

How strong is Chainsaw Snus?

Chainsaw is a brand that offers Ultra Strong snus. Chainsaw Cold Mint Super Strong White packs an impressive 26 mg nicotine per gram, which translates to 20 mg nicotine inside each portion. With one of those under your lip you’ll feel an intense rush of nicotine sure to satisfy even the most experienced user. 

What flavor does Chainsaw Snus have?

Chainsaw Snus offers minty fresh flavor experiences! Chainsaw Cold Mint Super Strong White has a light yet spicy tobacco character, but it is the combination of smooth spearmint and biting peppermint that steals the spotlight. An ice-cold combination of mint that leaves a thrilling cooling sensation under your lip.

What kind of portions does Chainsaw Snus have?

Chainsaw Cold Mint Super Strong White is a snus with well-filled (0.77 g) White Dry Portions. These white snus portions have dry surfaces that make them designed to drip minimally, which in turn results in a satisfyingly long-lasting release of both mint and nicotine.

Where can I order Chainsaw Snus?

You can buy Chainsaw Snus right here at! At our online shop you’ll find Chainsaw’s selection of snus available at low prices. Our Swedish snus and tobacco free nicotine pouches are always fresh in stock, and we offer fast shipping for your convenience.

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