Everything you wanted to know About Snus and Nicotine Pouches!

If you’ve been curious about what snus or nicotine pouches are, including how to use them, then you have come to the right place!

Swedish snus and nicotine pouches are increasingly becoming more and more popular as smokers opt for them as a healthier alternative to cigarettes. If you are new to snus or nicotine pouches, then it’s understandable that you’ll have a few questions. In the following guide on snus and nicotine pouches, we’ll walk you through what snus is and how you use it.

1. Pick Your Tin of Swedish Snus or Nicotine Pouch

The first step in the process is to buy one or more tins of snus online. 

If you have never purchased snus before, then the best choice for you would be a clean white snus. Some of the most popular brands of white snus include Velo, Zyn, Loop, and White Fox Snus. Some of the popular flavors include citrus, mint, berry, and bergamot. They’re extremely easy to use.

Once you’ve opened the tin of snus, you will immediately notice that the snus is packed neatly into pouches that look a lot like a tea bag. Snus pouches are designed to fit neatly under your lip. If you’re using clean white snus, it will help to satisfy your cravings for nicotine, but it doesn’t contain any tobacco and has a deliciously clean and fresh scent.

2. Remove the Pouch of Snus with Your Fingers

Open the tin of snus and carefully remove a pouch using your index finger and thumb. It’s the easiest step in the whole process. One pouch of snus at a time should be the right amount of snus for any beginner.

3. Put the Snus Pouch Under Your Upper Lip

Take your other hand and lift your upper lip up and out to make it easier to place your snus pouch between the gums and lips. Next, carefully adjust the placement of the pouch so that it fits nicely under your lip. For the most part, people will typically place the snus pouch on either the left or right side of their mouth rather than placing it in the center. But clean white snus pouches are typically smaller, so you could place one in the center of your lip if you prefer it that way. A handy way to adjust your pouch of snus in your mouth is by moving it around with your tongue to get in a perfect position. With a little practice, no one will be aware that you even have the pouch of snus in your mouth!

4. Leave Your Snus Pouch In As Long As You Find It Enjoyable!

Before long, you’re going to experience the buzz of the nicotine from the nicotine in the snus pouch. When it comes to nicotine strengths, different snus brands and products have different strengths. The strength of the nicotine in the snus pouch will typically determine how long a pouch lasts before you need to replace it. Most snus pouches last between 15 and 60 minutes.

Despite popular opinion or what you may have seen in the movies or television shows, you don’t need to spit when using snus products. Spitting is disgusting, anyway! Instead, smile, chat, and swallow any excess saliva produced while the snus is in your mouth. It doesn’t negatively affect your stomach.

Once you’ve been using snus for a while, you’ll even be able to have a drink while enjoying snus, but most snus users avoid it. Also, because your snus pouch contains nicotine, you shouldn’t swallow your snus pouch.

5. Correct Disposal of Snus Pouches

When you want to remove the snus pouch, simply take it out of your mouth with your fingers and dispose of it responsibly in the closest trash bag or can. For example, if you find yourself out at a restaurant, discreetly place your snus pouch into a napkin or go to the washroom to remove it. Simple, quick, and easy!

6. Refrigerating Your Snus Keeps It Fresher Longer

Except for the tin of snus, you are using that’s typically kept in your pocket, bag, or desk drawer, you should always keep unopened snus cans in the fridge. Opened snus tins typically stay fresh for about a week. However, keeping them cool will allow them to last for longer and help to retain flavor.

Bonus Snus and Nicotine Pouch Pro Tips!

  • If you find yourself somewhere where cigarettes or vaping isn’t allowed, snus or nicotine pouches are a great option. Places like airports, offices, bars, and restaurants are the perfect spot for snus.
  • Before heading overseas with your snus or nicotine pouches, always check the local laws and regulations that could apply to tobacco products.
  • If you’re using snus or nicotine pouches and start to feel dizzy, nauseous, or unwell, then you could be using too much nicotine or leaving your snus pouch in your mouth for too long. So remove the snus, allow yourself some time to have a break, and try keeping the snus in your mouth for less time.
  • If you are trying to quit smoking by using snus, then start with a low amount of nicotine, or transition down from a higher level to a lower level.
  • Different Types of Nicotine Pouches and Swedish Snus

Sweden is undeniably the home of snus, with many Swedish people enjoying the use of both modern white snus and also traditional Swedish snus. Traditional snus is made by utilizing tobacco leaves and is either flavorless or flavored. It all depends on your personal preferences.

Swedish snus is available in a pouch or as loose tobacco. It’s easily recognizable by its very distinct smell and brown coloring. While the effects of nicotine are similar, using snus is a very unique experience.

If you have any questions about Swedish snus or would like to learn more, then please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. Our professional and friendly team is standing by to help you with any snus-related questions that you may have.