Ettan Loose

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Categories: Swedish Snus, Loose, Ettan, Swedish Match

Snus with full and pure tobacco flavor with hints of smoke and peat.

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Additional Info
Category Swedish Snus, Loose
Brand Ettan
Manufacturer Swedish Match
Nicotine Content ~7.5 mg / g
Content 42 g
Taste profile Classic
Flavor Note dark chocolate, smoky, tobacco
Strength Regular Strength
Logan January 27, 2017
First impressions of this, it has a very bold tobacco taste and smell with a small hint of smoke. very good all around taste. burn a little at first but that be because i put a very big pris in. 5/5
Logan January 27, 2017
WOW! this smells exactly like a bag of tobacco never had a snus that smells this good, i'm used to general and i thought it smelled good but WOW. about to mold my first ettan Lössnus.
Aydin February 22, 2016
Veldig bra
Mark January 27, 2015
Excellent flavor and quality. I prefer General Loose but this is also very good.
NDSnus March 30, 2014
This is my everyday snus. Just tobacco taste, mild but satisfying. There are others that are nice once in a while, but Ettan is definitely my favorite.
Chris R. March 17, 2014
Ettan Lös is my very favorite snus. I love the pure, slightly smoky, uncomplicated tobacco flavor. The medium grind makes it very easy to hand bake and I've always found it to be very easy on my gums. It holds together well enough for me to typically get 40 minutes to an hour out of each pris. Ettan Lös has everything I look for in an all-day snus. It gets my highest recommendation.

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