General White Portion

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Categories: Large Portion, White Portion, General, Swedish Match

Powerful and elegant Snus. Slightly peppery with hints of citrus zest and balanced tobacco notes.
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Additional Info
Category Large Portion, White Portion
Brand General
Manufacturer Swedish Match
Nicotine Content ~8 mg / g
Content 24 Pouches
Taste profile Classic
Flavor Note bergamot, citrus, hay, leather, tea, tobacco
Strength Classic
Kevin March 10, 2020
One of the best out there hands down
Wise0ne October 7, 2017
My overall favorite is the Granit white portion I had in Sweden. It's about the same as this one but cheaper. But none the less, love it. Would also buy in bulk for a decent price.
Raza November 28, 2014
Alex March 7, 2014
Good taste. They cans have a somewhat different design then the cans you can buy in the "good ol' US" but good non the less. When i opened the can i was not found of the smell at all, but it was only deceiving. After about 15 mintes you get a great full body tase
Aadu June 28, 2011

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