Odens Extreme Loose

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Categories: Swedish Snus, Loose, Oden's, GN Tobacco

Oden's Extreme stands for one of the strongest snus series on the market today - this is the loose version with a traditional and salty snus flavoring. Loose snus, made from quality tobacco, provides for a fast and powerful flavor release. Oden's Original Extreme Loose - not for the faint of heart! 

The latest release by Gajane. Supposed to be the strongest loose Snus available.

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Additional Info
Category Swedish Snus, Loose
Brand Oden's
Manufacturer GN Tobacco
Content 45 g
Taste profile Classic
Flavor Note tobacco
Strength Strong
erdoc November 2, 2011
Very strong flavor of hot pepper in this snus. Nicotine content seems to be as high as advertised, and it made me dizzy a couple of times. The aftertaste of the hot peppers is persistent after discarding the snus, and must be rinsed out. It is also difficult to retain the snus if you drink beverages with it in place. I will order this snus again.

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