Odens Original

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Categories: Swedish Snus, Large Portion, Original Portion, Oden's, GN Tobacco

Oden's Original, a portion snus that delivers a timeless and classic snus flavor of full-bodied tobacco. This tasty release of flavor is then followed by an enjoyable and medium strong nicotine kick (9 mg/g). A great pick for you who is looking for a traditional snus experience.
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Additional Info
Category Swedish Snus, Large Portion, Original Portion
Brand Oden's
Manufacturer GN Tobacco
Nicotine Content ~9 mg / g
Content 22 Pouches
Taste profile Classic
Flavor Note bergamot, herbs, tobacco
Strength Regular Strength
Donn June 24, 2020
This is the first snuff I've ever tried and it's everything I dreamed. It literally felt like I got kicked in the face by a mule lol. Very strong! I smoked cigarette's for 15 years and then I switched to premium cigars I've also tried pipes snuff tobacco, so my nicotine tolerance is pretty high and I found this product to be very satisfying. Being my first time trying snusI wasn't quite prepared for the intense burn upon initially putting it in my upper lip but after about 2 minutes it's subsided to a very pleasurable level. if you're looking for something to help you quit smoking or to help you wait till a nice premium cigar look no further this product is amazing!

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