Volt Pearls Midnight Mint Strong Slim

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Categories: Nicotine Pouches, Brands, Manufacturers, VOLT, Swedish Match

Volt Pearls Midnight Mint: Tobacco free, all-white and minty nicotine pouches with Swedish Match’s innovative Pearl Technology! It delivers strong nicotine kicks (13.5 mg/g) together with an icy flavor that combines peppermint with menthol. The filling used by its discreet nicotine pouches consists of small pearls instead of plant fibers. A revolutionary and high-quality type of filling that provides a more comfortable fit and a longer release!

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Additional Info
Category Nicotine Pouches, Brands, Manufacturers
Brand VOLT
Manufacturer Swedish Match
Nicotine Content ~13.6 mg / g
Content 21 Pouches
Taste profile Fresh
Flavor Note menthol, peppermint
Strength Strong

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