Volt Spicy Guava Super Strong Slim

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Volt Spicy Guava Super Strong Slim – An all-white snus from Volt and Swedish Match brimming with stimulating nicotine and spicy flavors! Its slim and tobacco free nicotine pouches deliver ultra-strong nicotine kicks (17.5 mg/g) together with a flavor where tones of guava meet a hot dash of chili extract, the chili also gives these nicopods a light pinkish hue. The natural pant fiber filling used eliminates any potential risk of them leaving stains while it also minimizes their drip.
  • 10 Cans -11% $ 35.57
  • 1 Can $ 3.98
Additional Info
Category Brands, Manufacturers
Brand VOLT
Manufacturer Swedish Match
Nicotine Content ~13.57 mg / g
Content 21 Pouches
Taste profile Spicy
Flavor Note chili
Strength Extra Strong

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