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ZONE X Southern Storm Extra Strong Slim

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Categories: Nicotine Pouches, Brands, Manufacturers, ZoneX, Skruf Snus

Zone X Southern Storm Extra Strong Slim: A tobacco free snus from the manufacturer Skruf that offers a flavorsome and stimulating experience in a discreet way! These all-white and slim nicotine pouches deliver extra strong nicotine kicks (15 mg/g) together with a summery flavor were sweet tones of peach meet cooling notes of iced tea. The natural plant fiber filling used by these comfortable nicopods eliminates any potential of them leaving stains while it also minimizes their drip.
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Additional Info
Category Nicotine Pouches, Brands, Manufacturers
Brand ZoneX
Manufacturer Skruf Snus
Nicotine Content ~15 mg / g
Content 24 Pouches
Taste profile Fruity
Flavor Note peach, tea
Strength Extra Strong
Gary September 21, 2023
Got this product in three days and couldn't be happier with my purchase. Strong kick and long lasting. Would love more recommendations with the same nicotine or stronger please. Already trying to decide on my next order.

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