Snus formats and sizes


Loose snus hasn't changed for 200 years and still remains the historic foundation of the snus tradition. With loose snus the consumer shapes his pinch by hand into a preferred size and shape. Loose snus is ground in three different fraction sizes - fine, medium and coarse. The fraction size affects, among other things, the taste experience and the handling. (Fine ground snus is easier to shape into a pinch than coarsely ground snus.)

Portion Original

Portion Snus: The first snus of the portion format is referred to as "Portion Original". It is pre-shaped into convenient portions in different sizes for easy handling. Portion Original is dark in colour and moist, with a full-bodied flavour.

White Portion

White Portion Snus: The new portion format "White Portion" was introduced in 2003. The pre-shaped portion packets are manufactured with a different technique than Portion Original, requiring no after-moisturising. The portion packets therefore have a white surface, a slightly milder aroma and a longer lasting taste.

Portion snus sizes

Snus portions come in different sizes for different consumer needs.


An extra large portion packet, about twice the size of a large portion packet.


The large portion packets, White and Original, are roughly the size of an average loose pinch - i.e. 1gr.


The mini portion packet was first introduced in 1984, due to consumer demand for a smaller and more discreet portion packet. It is common for smokers to first use the mini size portions when switching from cigarettes to snus.